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SIC Nowadays

Created by Imoutthere 4 months ago, 21 Oct 2018
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21 Oct 2018 8:06PM
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How is SIC going after 18 months or so with its new owner in BIC? Does it still have the same downwind credibility that it did before the merge?

Still some of the best looking boards in the market in my opinion. Would love a black bullet.

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21 Oct 2018 10:03PM
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Got even more credibility IMO. Same quality, lower prices, better service, more stock and great new boards. The RS is currently one of the most successful race boards that appeals to a broad public for its all-water, speed and stability, either it's racing, touring or fitness (and that's one of the reasons it won the Gear of the Year Award - Race by SUPConnect. The brand overall also won the Brand of the Year Award by SUPConnect.
And if you're into downwinding the new Bayonets are some killer boards.
Being a dristributor for SIC for a long time in Portugal I had a few concerns in the beginning with the chance, but the brand kept its core (very much to the work of Brand Manager Anthony Scaturro) an even improved its products and service. SIC is alive and doing very well!

VIC, 65 posts
22 Oct 2018 8:49AM
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IMHO, the fact that they have maintained the exact same graphics on their boards year-to-year since BIC took over (and also into 2019), alongside their continuing policy to stick with a shape that works rather than tweak it with gimmicky updates shows to me that they are more credible than ever, and not being driven by a marketing department like so many other brands.


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