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SMIK Custom

Created by TAA > 9 months ago, 16 Feb 2017
SA, 713 posts
16 Feb 2017 3:20PM
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Got to love SMIK custom boards

Orange 8'2 x 29 x 112L
Green 8'0 x 30.5 x 118L

322 posts
16 Feb 2017 10:00PM
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Ohhh, lovely..

365 posts
17 Feb 2017 12:49AM
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Those SMIK's look mighty fine....jealoooos

Pls keep us posted how you get on with them - enjoy!

VIC, 1281 posts
17 Feb 2017 5:41AM
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QLD, 83 posts
17 Feb 2017 11:59AM
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awesome looking boards, loving the obligatory 'smashing a can on the deck pose' inclusion

Keen for a review once you have them dialed in.

3795 posts
17 Feb 2017 11:06AM
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all that curviness......look more like a small beach break board .......rather than a board designed for a bit of juice?

VIC, 20 posts
18 Feb 2017 7:13PM
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They look lovely...... Enjoy!!

SA, 713 posts
18 Feb 2017 10:29PM
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Lucky enough in last 2 days to get wet and to test my SMIK boards out.
I surf reef breaks mostly with the odd beach break, and when it came time to order my boards I new what I wanted. With Scotty Mckercher back ground he tweaked a few things and sent me in the right direction

When I ordered the orange board I wanted it to be fast turning and to hold big solid clean waves....
And It did just that, been on fast boards before but not a board that turns hard on the rail like this.I like doing big aggressive power turns , windsurfing background coming out , the harder I pushed it ,the the big the smile .It was a great day to get it on the water with a 4 to 5ft reef break .
Running a thruster set up and loving it. The drive and speed it's give me blows my mind.......
She's a keeper go to board

With the Green machine I wanted a board that coud cover alot of conditions / wind / water movement and small to solid waves.
So the second day was it's big test.
Solid 3 to 4ft point break with abit of water movement and 10knts breeze . Very stable in your stance but when you shift back it's ready to dance. Couldn't believe it's speed it was keeping threw it's turns. Running as a quad set up and it suits me fine.
Very happy with the Green Machine ...what I wanted and covers alot of conditions

Very impressed in the quality and finish of both boards.....SMIK

And to all the people out there like me that have had alot of boards in all different shapes and sizes , and you know what you want in a board.
Custom SMIK and get what you want

VIC, 297 posts
19 Feb 2017 3:16PM
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Looks sweet mate!

NSW, 11 posts
20 Feb 2017 2:32PM
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The dimensions of your 8'2 seem to be pretty similar to the 'off the rack' 8'3 spitfire. What changes did you ask for and why?

SA, 713 posts
20 Feb 2017 3:01PM
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Ishie said..
The dimensions of your 8'2 seem to be pretty similar to the 'off the rack' 8'3 spitfire. What changes did you ask for and why?

The spitfire is 8'3 x 29.5 at 111L

The orange custom is different
8'2 x 29 at 112L
Pull in nose to give in a more continues curve
Different rocker line

It's like buying a sports car,
Adding the extras to suit you


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