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Smik Bonza

Created by anchorpoint Two weeks ago, 10 Oct 2020
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10 Oct 2020 3:40AM
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Just wondering if anyone tried the Smik bonza? I mean a regular week end average joe? Just to have a feedback from a mortal point of view ? Appreciate any info if possible stating age, weight ,board size and level please.


NT, 14 posts
11 Oct 2020 12:45PM
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... me too. it can obviously go the big stuff (see the website!). Stehar showing it also good glide in little stuff.
Would be good to see a view of the rocker...

NSW, 366 posts
Friday , 23 Oct 2020 3:36PM
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Check latest vid on " New Smik Coming" Steve


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"Smik Bonza" started by anchorpoint