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Smik Spitfire 8'6 vs Sunova Speeed 8'8

Created by mattpnz 1 month ago, 5 Apr 2019
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5 Apr 2019 2:27PM
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Hi All,

I'm looking at my next progression into short board SUPing... checking out the 8'6 Spitfire or 8'8 Sunova Speeed. Looking for pace down the line plus much sharper turning than I'm getting on my current board (9'6, 32w TC Loose Leaf v2). Anyone have any intel on these 2 boards? I'm 90kgs, 6ft.


SA, 98 posts
7 Apr 2019 4:48PM
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Hi, have owned both boards, I'm 90kgs on a good day, but shorter than you. Spitfire is so much more stable, and turns on a dime, handles all conditions. It has become the only board I use now.

WA, 4558 posts
7 Apr 2019 6:06PM
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Have a Spitfire after owning a Speeed. Different beasts. I prefer the Spitfire due to its more lively nature. Both good boards.


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"Smik Spitfire 8'6 vs Sunova Speeed 8'8" started by mattpnz