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Smik spitfire 8'6 x sunova flow 8'8

Created by nicobrucker A week ago, 18 Nov 2020
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18 Nov 2020 10:48AM
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Spitfire 125lt
Flow 126lt
Hey guys, I bought the flow 8'10 and after a few months, as I couldn't have tried the flow before, I realised that I can go smaller for more manoeuvrability.
I had one test with the naish mad dog 8'6 120lt, if im not wrong, once on the wave amazing, best turns in my life, but a bit too much uncomfortable to paddle.
Im 95kg and surf with SUP only when it's 3 max 4 ft fat waves, otherwise I go short boards.

Being thinking about those 2 options mentioned....

Any comments?!

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18 Nov 2020 2:58PM
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nicobrucker... I have literally just come in from a small session on the new casey flow 8'8. It was rubbish on shore rough and I mean ****e conditions. But sun is out and wanted to get a feel of the new board ( only 4th session).. Im 96+ kegs 55 Y/o and consume too many beers !!!
Iam blown away by how stable this board is, far better than my 9'1 creek ( sorry rick) was catching anything from ankle high slappers up the waves were so lumpy but the board handled it well and again was stable in the mush. Punching out through waves is effortless, still riding it as a quad as it is so much fun. Waiting for a good day to try it as a thruster back to back.
I really think it is the step, super fine rails, that give the board the stability with my weight the tail and rails are pretty much under water and I actually stand well in front of the handle.
I havent ridden any SMik's but there is a lot of love for them and scotty is a ripping bloke so Im sure he would be a great source of info for you. As they say in the classics demo demo demo.....My parting gift for you is that the casey flow WILL be my keeper ..

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18 Nov 2020 3:44PM
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I tried a couple of different sizes flows and only 2Smiks in that size (i,m 95kg as well) and the real different is in the approach:The Sunova,s feel like bigger surfboard shapes with the lower volume rail and more absorbing/softer forgiving kinda feel but do feel lower in volume as I was thinking looking at the numbers.The Smik very much feel to me a like a windsurfboard but not in a bad way. They surf pretty much like the better carbon starboards with a stiff, no flex but very precise and direct and feeling more performance because of that.
Imo is that construction and feel way more important as all the performance differences in wich one you gonna like.

Personal I prefer the Smik/Starboard kinda feel, but nothing more personal as boardfeel.

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18 Nov 2020 6:23PM
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I'm 95kg and ride a 108L flow 2 and a 108L smik hipster ( not ridden a spitfire).

I also had a 8'10 flow for a bit but found it too big.

Both are very stable boards fast fun an agile.

The flow 2 loves its top to bottom surfing and hard turns. Its very easy to catch waves on with the wide tail and punches through chop very easily. It prone paddle really well with the narrower nose.

The hipster is also super stable with its wide nose. But the tail sinks very easily so you have to be slightly forward to find your balance point. It surfs unbelievably well it loves changing direction quickly and slides the tail with so little effort it is super super fun.

I personally think the smik construction is stronger than the new tr3 boards. But I would not hesitate to buy another tr3.

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18 Nov 2020 4:27PM
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Your definitely looking at the right size Nico ,
I am 94 kgs i own a 8,7 x120 litre flow ,gonna sell it due to been a pain for my ability and age ,
I currently own and ride most of the time a 125 litre Placid ,and have a 8'8 flow coming after christmas .
its the right size ,the spitfire looks great too, i like the wood feeling and flex of the sunovas .yes they are like big surfboards ,
the new rail shape has been a turning point for sunova this year ,lots more bite on the wave and nicer turning .


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