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SmikCustom feedback

Created by Bender > 9 months ago, 30 May 2017
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30 May 2017 8:39PM
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G'day fellow breezers, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my 2nd Smik custom from Scotty. I have had this board for three months now and have ridden it quite a bit as a quad and thruster ( I prefer thruster, Jackson Close shapers fins)

The brief was that I wanted to go the next level in performance and challenge myself and have a board for those days when its glassy and pumping and to take to Indo next year. My first one is 8'2x28.5 105L

I wanted channels as I love them on my short boards. After a few conversations back and forward the dimensions were locked in. 8x27.5 and 94L with a swallow tail to assist in stability compared to my favoured pin tails.
After waiting 4 weeks it was ready. The first few surfs on it was in onshore lumpy surf. It was really hard to stand on and very tippy, I thought I have bitten off more than I could chew and gone too small.

I kept telling myself to wait for clean conditions to use it but the new board froth was too much.
That was a few months ago now and I now feel a lot more comfortable on it. I weigh 83kgs so plus a wetty I must be over 85kegs.The board is fantastic on a wave and is really fast, drivey with plenty of release in reo's.
I now know to only take it out in clean not so bumpy days but I'm working on that and I hope to use it as my all-rounder with more time on it.

The construction is the standard Smik construction. it's super light and the paint job looks unreal.

Overall I'm stoked with the board and the service.

So the Pro's are - Great finish, stupidly light and unreal performance.

And the Con's - very tippy i was gunna say fragile after it was blown off the back of the ute in a freak gust and sustained a small rail crack at the state round at Denmark in the car park but thats my fault. Not the boards.

Note: Yes I did receive a small discount as it was my second custom from scotty but it was only small, so yes I have paid for this board.

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31 May 2017 6:26AM
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Looking very Schmik


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