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Starboard Noserider dimension

Created by deanrobi 4 months ago, 25 Aug 2018
VIC, 640 posts
25 Aug 2018 6:47AM
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here's a long shot, anyone have the CAD diagram for a 10' Starboard noserider? Been riding One for a long time (8 years) and it's seen better days, checked the web site and they are no longer in production at Starboard. Would loved to get the local boys to make me something as close to the shape and dimensions if I could

WA, 50 posts
27 Aug 2018 12:39PM
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Starboard nut 10' is an awesome board - if you liked the noserider this is it in modern form ...great allrounder - bags of fun !

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27 Aug 2018 3:22PM
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Is this looking like your faithful fav?
PM if you might interesting by the CNC file


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"Starboard Noserider dimension" started by deanrobi