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Starboard Pro 8.0x 29 @ 2015 get water inside the handle and retain...

Created by CAPWP 9 months ago, 12 Feb 2018
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12 Feb 2018 8:14AM
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The last weekend after finish to surf while carry the board to the Car, i hear and feel water inside the board....

Putting attention the sound and water came to the handle, i move and push and take away between less than 0.5 lts . This never happens before, but this board i bought as second hand, it was a demo board on my local shop. I see and feel some move on the handle ...

How can i fix this, should i removed the handle and paste, or just let dry and apply around the handle to seal to avoid the water get inside of the handle hole.

What of type glue i should used.

In my place we have limit options with people they can make a good repair job. Is this involved more serious work i need to send to a place they can perform this job. So i need to know is this job can i make my self or sending to special shop.

regards and thanks for the help.

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12 Feb 2018 4:36PM
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It happened constantly on boards some years ago (even on USD 2500+ boards), before manufacturers learned to properly reinforce the handles. Especially if you were heavy on paddling on your knees (that may happen with demo boards).
Most people didn't realize it because the damage was hidden by the pad. This is something to look for on used boards.

At some time (3-4 years) ago, I even reinforced all my handles preventively. I did 6 of them if I recall well.

You must immediately let it dry, even if you do not plan to do the repair yourself. This is important, as the longer water stays in the foam, the more it will get stuck in it and impossible to remove. Open the glass on the sides on the handle, or drill holes and use tissue wicks or air pumps.

Then, the repair is no too hard. The only critical point is avoid putting too much resin in one batch, otherwise the heat will melt the foam blank. You can add resin by small steps, and let cure in between. And you must be sure of your mixing proportions (use a scale!), because you cannot remove a botched resin job to start anew.

Do not remove the handle, it may be hard to remove, and will be a pain to set it back properly.

I have some pics of my repairs at
Text is is French, but:
- remove the pad on at least a 8"x8" square around the handle. more is better.
- let it dry (vacuum pump on the pics)
- If you just drilled holes, fill the handle sides with beads of EPS foam (desintegrate some packing foam with your fingers) and resin +
micropheres. If you opened it more, you can push glass fibers along the handle, or use foaming epoxy like the Sicomin one.
This is the critical part where you must avoid exothermia (resin heating up). Do it in multiple passes to be on the safe side.
- cover the repair with something airtight to let it cure. just used cooking paper + a wood block + weights on top. The goal is to avoid any pressure difference that could create air ways via bubbles. If you see bubble holes once curred, drill them and fill with solarez or 5mn epoxy.
- i use a soft foam to fill the handle hole and let it raise above the deck
- I put plenty of carbon patches ( three 12oz ones in my case)
- sand, re-pad.

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13 Feb 2018 4:33AM
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Thank Colas, i will follow you recommendations, while surfing i note that the board Sink just like overpass the 110 Lts i am 87 kg plus the wet suit and the water inside was to closed to the limits.... I note the nose start to dive and very weird behavior to the board.
Also thats day have a lot o wing and the water was really move. Sometimes was very hard to keep stand up on the board.

best regards

marco gribi
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13 Feb 2018 9:24AM
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The 2015 Starboards came with a sacrificial handle (should be grey in colour) that was not part of the actual board build. There is a molded block that is inserted into the board during construction and then a rubberised handle is inserted by gluing it in place.

This process was done to try and stop what Colas has mentioned above!

When you squeeze the handle it should be somewhat soft / rubbery in feel?

All you should need to do is remove the handle, clean away and excess glue and then re-seat by using solastic around the edge to re-glue in place. Water will only be entering the small cavity between the plastic mould and the handle insert, if this does not bother you then just leave it as it is.


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13 Feb 2018 3:55PM
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Try to weight it. This way you will get track of how much water you remove.

You can also compare with the weight of a similar new board, knowing that board weights vary often by plus or minus 5% for the same model. But if your board is 20% heavier than the listed weight, you can be sure it has a lot of water in it.

Thanks Marco, I was not aware that the 2015 starboards had already this kind of handle, which will be good for you. And if you hear water sloshing around, it should be the case: water in the foam blank itself like I described make no noise, it is trapped as in a sponge.

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13 Feb 2018 11:40PM
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Thats correct the handle is rubbery soft feeling, you can squeeze thats the way to take out the water.

Thanks Colas, is like you say the water is only and the handle, i do the fix and let you know is this solve the problems.



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