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Starboard Whopper (sport tech) - super fun!

Created by benk > 9 months ago, 17 May 2009
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17 May 2009 10:24AM
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I have a whopper in sport tech, 1st the quality of the finish is immaculate, I was a bit suprised at how heavy it is for what is a premium construction. It is a pinch heavier than my Naish 11'4". That said, once it is in the water it is awesome in fact the thinner rails and tail and lack of any corkyness means it rides really nicely. I understand that some may comment about not needing to be over 30" and I was sceptical myself until I rode it. Yesterday was head high waves, cross off wind with the occasional 30++knot bullet and side chop. Very tough conditions for any SUP, I would not have even considered it on a Naish 9'6" or any other performance board. The Whopper just ate it up! It climbs walls of white water like no other board. Another guy was on an Oxbow 11ft and was on his knees mostly because of the wind and chop. It has really good surf rocker and you can make very late drops even when being held up by the wind, it turns really well and was very responsive down the line or turning in the pocket. In a word "FUN", if you are sceptical about the width you should try it before commenting, no doubt purists will say too wide but this board is going to open the performance side of SUP to a whole range of people who would never have ever got off an 11ft+er. It is also an excellent entry for a good surfer starting on their 1st SUP.

Can make very late drops with lots of nose rocker
Responsive fast turning on the wave
Super Stability and awesome for climbing white water
turns on a dime when lining up your next wave
Perfect short board for 95kg+ surfers
A nice compromise between fast down the line and good smooth turning in the pocket

Does not have a lot of glide but adequate when riding waves is your aim.
A bit heavy for such a pricey board - sport tech
I probably would not be wanting 34" threatning to clobber me in a barrel.
Deck Grip is a bit slippery compared to my Naish but this may improve once it wears a little.

I will post some pics soon!


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"Starboard Whopper (sport tech) - super fun!" started by benk