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Style 9' 6"

Created by KarlLQ 27 days ago, 20 Jun 2018
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20 Jun 2018 6:14PM
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Hi all

I'm thinking of getting the 9' 6" Style but want to check people's experience with stability.

I have a 10' Style and 8'8" Speed and find both super stable, even in choppy onshore conditions. I've also got a home made 7'8" x 30" wide, 110 litre Tomo type board which I find also very stable.

I'm only 70kg and a pretty competent prone shortborder and SUP surfer.

My only worry with the 9'6" Style is at 27 1/2" wide, will it be too tiring in my typically choppy surf.

What are your experiences with the 9'6"?


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21 Jun 2018 8:33AM
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I've had the 9'6 style for around 3 years. I owned the original version and liked it so much I bought version 2.

It nose rides quite well and turns on a dime when you get your foot back far enough. It surfs like a much smaller board but being 9'6 picks up waves with ease.

It's very stable for a 27 1/2" wide board. I weigh 75 kg and have no problems in choppy conditions - the wide nose helps a lot with stability.

Sunova construction is second to none.

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21 Jun 2018 6:53AM
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I had version 1. I found it quite stable. I'm 82kg.

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21 Jun 2018 8:51AM
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I'm about your weight and use my 9'6 style as my " choppy condition" board. It may be relatively narrow but due to reasonably parallel rails it has the width for a significant part of the length of the board. This Helps a lot in the overall stability. It also surfs great in pretty much everything.... So IMO you would love it.

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21 Jun 2018 11:39AM
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I am 105 kg and surfed a 9'6 XL in Thailand for a few sessions.
It was easy enough for a low volume board, tippy but doable at 1.12 weight to volume.

I was paddling it to an offshore reef about 500 yards out, without issue.

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7 Jul 2018 3:09AM
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Thanks for the great advice!

I pulled the trigger and got the 9 6 Style.

First paddle was on the harbour in 12 to 17 knot scruffy conditions. Very stable and more so than the 8 8 Speed in the same conditions.

Next day was waist high surf in about a 10 knot onshore, in the dark to start with. Felt a bit wobbly until it got light, then it was very comfortable.

Then yesterday it was waist to chest high, 15 to 20 knot offshore, leaky, fast waves.

What a great board. Stability beyond what I expected. And it does the more old school long boarding fantastically. Pivot turns, drop knee, and nose riding.

I'd recommend the right sized Style for this type of surfing.


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