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Supmarine testing

Created by LostSkill A week ago, 9 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021 8:06PM
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90kg on 88L board (0.97)
Weirdly enough in the ocean you dont tend to practice how deep your board can go as trying to stay upright.
Went for a flatwater paddle in "freshwater" at manly dam today trying to figure how to add a little zing to flatwater paddling so started to practice how long i can keep the whole deck submerged.
This video is after 10 min of practice

When we returned i went for a quick 30min afternoon sesh and realized how much it helps in the swell. No longer was i trying to counterbalance when nose on the board went diving and just gently leaned back to let it return.
If anybody has a board close to the 1.1 volume/weight i would highly recommend to try in "Freshwater" (board will be easier to sink) if possible as will help a Ton to relax in the surf.

I am sure people at .95 volume/weight and Lower are masters at this


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"Supmarine testing" started by LostSkill