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Surefire Custom

Created by Zeusman 1 month ago, 18 Mar 2019
NSW, 1232 posts
18 Mar 2019 7:48AM
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Check out this Custom De-vandal model from Mick at Surefire. It's not mine but I saw it on his Facebook and thought it's worthy of a share.
8'6" x 30.5" x 4.52 - 130L
Carbon innegra bottom with red tint.

VIC, 483 posts
18 Mar 2019 8:23AM
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Spankin nice looking board!

WA, 952 posts
19 Mar 2019 7:25PM
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That looks sick - like the dimensions - keen to know this goes

NT, 225 posts
19 Mar 2019 9:21PM
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Christ - looks like there's something in the water at the moment. Shapers everywhere are turning out some quality stix.
How good's that one...

2893 posts
20 Mar 2019 5:20AM
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oh yeah ,

big boys toy .


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"Surefire Custom" started by Zeusman