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Surf or flat-water - Sunova "the ONE" video review

Created by supthecreek > 9 months ago, 31 Dec 2016
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31 Dec 2016 9:52AM
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Sunova “the ONE”
Surf it or paddle it.

Affordable, well built... AND light weight.

Great board for the casual paddler or someone just starting out in the surf. Plenty of performance as you progress… or for a bigger SUPster, looking for a very capable surf SUP.

It was designed to suit both needs… and does them very well.

This video review is done on the move… so you get a good look at the board in flat-water…. as well as in some good surf.

Total Sunova mascot/pimp here… loud and proud!

it’s a long review….Intended for people that are looking for a lot of information about boards, paddles, leashes…. and function. Grab a beer and enjoy.

And then
VIC, 120 posts
2 Jan 2017 6:22AM
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Thank you for the review. I enjoyed watching it.

NSW, 622 posts
2 Jan 2017 6:31AM
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That's a light board .

NSW, 10 posts
3 Jan 2017 3:57PM
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Thanks Supthecreek. It's always good to hear and see about possibly the next board. How is it in the chop ? Seemed to track ok in that smooth glassy COLD water.

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4 Jan 2017 5:21AM
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Markus.... it is very easy in chop, it's my most stable board.
Now that I'm in a full winter suit, I really appreciate how easy it is.... and still surfs our winter wave very well.

In flat-water, it is easy to paddle without too much yaw.
For a 9'5 board it does very well as a multi purpose board.
It suits a wide range of people..... from small women to big lugs like me


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"Surf or flat-water - Sunova "the ONE" video review" started by supthecreek