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The Mistress

Created by LastSupper A week ago, 5 Nov 2019
VIC, 153 posts
5 Nov 2019 10:16PM
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Anyone still throwing there mistress around ? Im wondering if she's a dud !

NSW, 95 posts
6 Nov 2019 1:53PM
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shes a beauty, absolute fun machine

QLD, 474 posts
6 Nov 2019 4:26PM
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Surfed mine today and had some time on the nose.
All good.
Why are you thinking it's a dud?

VIC, 24 posts
6 Nov 2019 8:12PM
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I've been having a ball on mine great way to learn how to walk ! Would like to try something a little narrower , some time ! Perhaps weight and width could be refined ,although a little weight on a board like that is perhaps not too bad a thing ,certainly no dud though, in my opinion! I ride mine with single 11.5 center fin , havn't tried it as a thruster set up ,
but surely that would loosen it up!


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"The Mistress" started by LastSupper