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The reason to have a wide board

Created by Seajuice Thursday, 28 Nov 2019
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Thursday , 28 Nov 2019 10:02PM
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A while ago I bought a JP widebody for my second board. As I wanted something shorter but very stable after my first beginner board.
It turned out a keeper that serves me well in very bumpy sloppy conditions.
It's my go to board that I use in those more sheltered rocky bays after wild weather closes out all of my surf spots.
But the rough seas still throw plenty of head to overhead waves in these areas plus the chop & slop comes with it.
So glad to have my widest most comfortable stable board to make fun out of it when nearly every SUP boarder stays home.

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Thursday , 28 Nov 2019 8:43PM
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I'm hearing you. Picked up a 9'0 Gerry Lopez Surfmusic for the Mrs , she found it too heavy But I like it for your described days. Olde but a Goode

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Friday , 28 Nov 2019 11:09PM
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Very cool to have some coves like that for the crazy days. And I agree with the width for a comfort idea.
At 90kgs I find 31" wide is the comfort point. Add excess volume and you have a 4x4.


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"The reason to have a wide board" started by Seajuice