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Thermoformed/polycarbonte SUP advice

Created by New2SUP 4 months ago, 4 Sep 2018
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4 Sep 2018 10:30AM
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts/advice about thermoformed or polycarbonate SUPs?

Looking at something like this:

Main appealis the durability for family use. Also hoping for a smoother ride than the soft SUPs


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4 Sep 2018 1:28PM
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Gong had prototypes made out of polycarbonate. They were interesting, ultra tough, and only 30% heavier than entry level construction if I recall well. They never went into production because the inflatable market took off and stole all the recreational market share. For the dedicated SUPers wanting a hard board instead of an inflatable, 30% weight penalty was too big a drawback.

Bic has been making ABS boards for year, surfboards then SUPs. They are not too heavy, a bit less rigid than epoxy boards, you must only take care to gently round the edges of the seam on the rail, otherwise you may leave some skin on it.


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"Thermoformed/polycarbonte SUP advice" started by New2SUP