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Trigger Bros SUP's (advice sought)

Created by thetytimes > 9 months ago, 21 Mar 2011
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21 Mar 2011 2:38PM
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Anybody tried the Trigger SUP's? I'm looking at buying my wife and I our first SUPs later this year and I saw trigger has made their own. I've bought numerous surfboards from them over the years, but as I'm new to SUP I would appreciate any feedback (or other boards recommended).

Ideally I'm looking for boards that surf well, but can be used for paddling on days where there is no swell. I live in the city these days, so I want to be able to set a day aside every week or two to get to the beach and not have to worry about swell etc. to have something to do. I'm hoping with SUP if there is no waves we can go for a paddle to explore the area. Seeing we are getting 2 boards (to share between us) maybe a little variety would be good too. Any suggestions

I'm about 70kgs and 175cm tall (or short). Looking for something that is good quality yet not going to break the bank too much (aren't we all though). Any recommendations for board size in length or volume would help to, or any other guidance would be appreciated. Cheers

The link for the Trigger boards is here:

ETA: Also would love to be able to take my dog Dexter out on the board from time to time, both in the surf and flat conditions. He's just a pup at this point. Should end up being about your average size sheltie.


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"Trigger Bros SUP's (advice sought)" started by thetytimes