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Vive la Revolution

Created by Brenno 1 month ago, 4 Nov 2023
QLD, 878 posts
4 Nov 2023 9:07PM
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I'm patient nowadays
Perfection takes time
Everything takes time in this post covid world
But I'm happy to wait
I've gone through some transitions over the past decade or so. Big fat boards, pointy nose boards, short square boards, long narrow boards.........
I am so grateful to have found this group, learning so much from so many talented and knowledgeable people
I have found my niche
What I love
Looking forward very much to receiving this piece of art
9'4"x28.5"x127L of beautiful fun
Thanks legends

VIC, 688 posts
5 Nov 2023 12:19AM
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Awesome mate!!! Look forward to it being completed

427 posts
4 Nov 2023 11:10PM
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Quad plus US center?

4829 posts
5 Nov 2023 1:46AM
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Its a hang five machine

smooth dimensions Brenno

NSW, 648 posts
5 Nov 2023 10:43AM
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Brenno,great numbers,beautiful board !..IMO,this is a great example ,and others in the past of what I believe is one of Sunovas strong points, their custom program,who did the custom ,Bert or Junior?,a custom xxxmust be getting up there in $$$,this is not a criticism ,just beyond this pensioner ,ENJOY...

QLD, 108 posts
5 Nov 2023 12:12PM
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Straight to the pool room with that one Brenno!


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"Vive la Revolution" started by Brenno