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What should my next board be?

Created by 8Paws 1 month ago, 1 Aug 2021
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1 Aug 2021 6:05AM
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Hi folks,

I'm keen to pick up a new board "for my quiver" (as they say) but I'm struggling to decide what it should be. Looking for suggestions :-)

Some background....its for surfing, needs to be light and tough. I surf usually around Torquay and Merimbula. Rarely bigger than 2m surf.

I have currently
Sunova Speeed 8'8" - best board I've had. Keeping it.
Starboard Carbon Pro 8'5" - good board but mainly gets used by the kids.

In the past I've had (most recent first)
Starboard Carbon Pro 7'7" (95L) - for the kids mostly. Hard work standing on it in the surf.
Naish Hokua LE 8'3" 2015 (98L) - loved it. Sold it to allow time to recover from surgery.
Naish Hokua GT 8'5" 2013 (115L) - good board. Sold it to allow time to recover from surgery.
PSH 9'2" - to get into surfing, too big.
Simon Anderson 10' - to get into paddling, way too big.


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1 Aug 2021 9:42AM
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The new sunova FLOW .. does everything well ..I'm riding the 8.8 ,but you could go smaller ,if your not 97 kgs like me
surfs well in all size waves and a real shredder .

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1 Aug 2021 12:55PM
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Whatever you decide, have Quobba fins on your next board, it will turbocharge it ;-)

Seriously, good fins can enhance A LOT a board performance.

Also, if you can (befriend the shop staff?), in the same model, try to get the lighter ones. Weights can vary a bit between boards of the exact same models.

VIC, 468 posts
1 Aug 2021 5:35PM
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I'd look towards a performance longboard sup next. You already have 2 shortboard shapes that are sweet boards.

Use a longboard SUP on smaller days, when you want to cruise or on peeling points, the Speed for when bigger but on the fatter side, the Starboard Pro for hollower conditions.

I like the Naish Nalu S Glass 9ft, Infinity New Deal 8ft or 9ft, Smik are doing some sweet things in this space or Sunova could always do a custom 9ft performance Mal sup.

Or the other option is a fishy style of board for really small days. Like a JL Superfrank 7'6" or Sunova Skate...

If you're surfing Torquay Point, Point Danger, Pt Addis, Bells (high tide) etc, a longboard SUP is primo for it.

If you're only really surfing 13th, Guvvo's and fairhaven etc- go the fishy board next.


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