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Why the Jimmy Lewis Super Frank is the perfect summer board

Created by Jimmy Lewis Boards 2 months ago, 18 Nov 2018
18 Nov 2018 11:47AM
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Watch Jason Latham rip it up in less than ideal conditions on his JL Super Frank (typical Aussie summer conditions)

See review below from Sup's Watersports Blog-

The Jimmy Lewis Super Frank and Super Frank Lean are taking the lead in skater style surf sups Jimmy has really stepped up to the plate with this re-think on his classic Canary surf board. The reason for the board was simple: we wanted skateboard style ride characteristics in a sup that could carry a bit more weight , but didn't want to lose the high performance found in the Jimmy Lewis SUPsBucking trend as always, there is no squared off nose or boxy rails, but he's managed to give the rider a stable platform in a much shorter sup with the right amount of volume to keep much bigger guys afloat. #jimmylewissup #jimmylewissurfsup #surfsup #jimmylewissuperfrank
This is an amazing board so I had to sum it up with a graph full of numbers. But it really does say it all.Easy to use, versatile, radical and fun!

The NEW Super Frank board looks amazing & is designed to be a more stable style performance board with more of a loose approach whilst maintaining speed through & out of turns.The Super Frank is the ultimate SUP groveler. It's meant to be ridden quite a bit shorter than your normal board and still offer plenty of stability. Flat rocker with a very deep single to double concave for high speed and drive in flat and weak surf. The outline has the wide point a bit forward coming into a performance thumb tail to make the board very responsive and easy to whip around. The Super Frank comes in two widths for each length so you can choose the width and volume that best suits you.
5 Fin Box Set Up.
Comes with JL 5 fin set. (allows for thruster or quad fin set up)
Thruster set Size - 4.5"
Quad set size- Front 4.5" Back 4.0"Can be ridden much shorter due to its design, increasing maneuverability for average-expert riders. Stable, Light & Strong...

Six different sizes with three lean shapes named-
Super frank / lean

7'6 x 29.5"x 4"liters 100L

8'0 x 30"x 4.2" liters 115L

8'6 x 30.5"x 4.4" liters 130L

Super Frank/ heavy rider

7'6 x 31"x 4.4" liters 115L

8'0 x 31.5"x 4.5" liters 127L

8'6 x 32"x 4.5" liters 141L

24 Dec 2018 9:31AM
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VIC, 957 posts
24 Dec 2018 3:43PM
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I'm guessing that the destroyer shape look stable and easy to paddle and catching a wave than the super frank?
I like my super frank in all conditions (summer & winter) because its my only sup surf board and its so easy to throw around ;)


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