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a short ...Soulful video .SUP Surfing .....some drone .

Created by Tardy 1 month ago, 19 Apr 2019
2964 posts
19 Apr 2019 4:52PM
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WA, 55 posts
19 Apr 2019 5:31PM
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Great slot and some nice top turns tardy - thx for sharing. You can really see that pulled acid tail spinning on a penny. Cheers esk

QLD, 273 posts
19 Apr 2019 7:37PM
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Cool video mate!

VIC, 84 posts
19 Apr 2019 7:51PM
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Thanks for sharing Tardy - great footage and makes me want an acid - but i wouldn't move it like you

NSW, 248 posts
19 Apr 2019 7:54PM
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Very enjoyable - thanks for the effort

NSW, 672 posts
19 Apr 2019 8:21PM
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Sweet vid. Well done

NSW, 83 posts
19 Apr 2019 8:30PM
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Great vid Tardy! Good surfing and love the water view. Thanks for sharing.

VIC, 802 posts
19 Apr 2019 8:50PM
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Great work Tardy nice wave action and great production.

NT, 242 posts
19 Apr 2019 10:21PM
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Goin off!!
- throwing that Acid around bro!!
Yeeew Tardyyy!!!

NSW, 3536 posts
19 Apr 2019 10:59PM
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Wow. Friggen piece of art, that!

331 posts
19 Apr 2019 9:27PM
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Tardy, Magnificent video! We want more!

337 posts
20 Apr 2019 12:18AM
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Coor blimey, that's a really great Vid !!

60 posts
20 Apr 2019 3:33AM
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where is this filmed?

1365 posts
20 Apr 2019 4:37AM
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That's video is as cool as your usual posts are

427 posts
20 Apr 2019 4:59AM
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Yea very cool. A unique edit as well. The water shots especially, who was that?

VIC, 1764 posts
20 Apr 2019 7:51AM
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Fantastic Tardy! One of the best vids posted, if not the best! Showing us all how it is done. Nice edit too!

259 posts
20 Apr 2019 6:55AM
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Thanks Tardy

This for me captures the spirit of surfing and why I surf. Beautiful. Very cool. Sometimes friends and family do not understand why we surf. This short video perhaps helps to explain it.



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20 Apr 2019 10:09AM
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Thanks for all the comments everyone ,my pleasure to share to fellow SUPers ,and glad you all liked it ,CSE don't know if its my best ,but thank you for suggesting the acid to me ,it really has changed my attack on waves ...the song was only 3,18 minutes ,so had to cut a lot out .

surfinJ, its Kelly Slater but he grew the side s of his hair back for the video and aged some what

I have much more footage to share from my mate Zak ..he's also a surfer ..He just loves filming ..may do another one ..with what i have .. still filming more as we speak ,just hoping for better surf .
the winter wind seems to have locked in and put a halt on filming .but you have to be patient when your a surfer .

thank you Casso for your surfing vids that has inspired all of us...and has made me want to make a few vids .

get out there and rip guys and gals .
sup surfing is cool .

VIC, 310 posts
20 Apr 2019 1:31PM
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nice mate. living the dream.

VIC, 62 posts
20 Apr 2019 8:12PM
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Great vid! Thanks for sharing


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"a short ...Soulful video .SUP Surfing .....some drone ." started by Tardy