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advice on beginners inflatable (?) SUP

Created by crustysailor 4 months ago, 30 Aug 2018
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30 Aug 2018 1:38PM
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Hi Supp's (suppers?)

I'm after your wisdom for a beginners SUP I can get for my daughters (40kg and 65kg ? I dunno)for some summer fun since they have enjoyed it so far.

They've played with some hire boards on holidays, and currently attempt to use my JP windsurfer to SUP with, so I was looking to surprise them with something more suitable, and an additional boards would be more fun than a single anyhow.

I was leaning towards an inflatable as it would mean I can leave it in the boat over the summer, but wasn't sure how much you'd have to pay to get something semi reasonable.
(Dare I ask, but does anyone have any experience with the type sold by Anaconda etc , approx. $600?)

Anything else?
Cheaper is better, but probably looking to spend up to $600 or $800 or so depending on suggestions,and could go for a solid board if that's the consensus, it would just be a little more awkward storage wise but could be done.

If it had to support my lard ar*e also, factor in 90kgs on a good day, and would we used in small bay chop, no surf, at least at this stage.
I checked the buy and sell, and also the advertisers specials but nothing stood out.

many thanks for your advice.


NSW, 60 posts
31 Aug 2018 5:28PM
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Ocean and earth 8'4" kids isup. Check classified section on this site.

VIC, 617 posts
31 Aug 2018 8:43PM
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thanks goggo, I was beginning to think it was a tough crowd over here.
will look again at B&S

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31 Aug 2018 7:19PM
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This is a forum populated by enthusiasts. So you are asking this question to a bunch of gear nuts who will sell their own granny to get the latest and greatest super-expensive board. So your post is like if you went onto a supercar owner's forum and asked them which cheap family SUV you should buy.

That's why you aren't getting much in the way of reply.

My advice to you is to spend as much as you can afford, and to get something that looks pretty. Many of the big brands (who tend to make boards that will last) make boards aimed at women now. I particularly like the designs by Sonni Honscheid, the Takine range:

The reason I emphasise the graphic design isn't because I'm a sexist pig. It is because even if your daughters don't care about the colour etc, if you have bought something that is obviously aimed at them not you, it will show that you put some care into the purchase and were thinking about *them* when you bought them. Ditto my comment about buying a good brand board. They'll love you for that, even if you buy them a board which is eg. 10 litres too little or too much volume than is ideal for them.

Ok, so I bet you wish you hadn't asked now

VIC, 617 posts
31 Aug 2018 9:57PM
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nah, its all good.
yeah a bit of an open ended question, I admit, but the specs were pretty basic.
This is just a board you stand on and paddle, usually in circles., is just about fun, not speed or points.

I got back into windsurfing a few years back (getting a JP funster) and sometimes the must have, new yearly model crap is too much marketing hype for me.

thanks agin


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