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atlantis mistress vs ecs noserider

Created by Yamba4 5 months ago, 12 Nov 2018
NSW, 26 posts
12 Nov 2018 6:12PM
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Hi all,
looking at buying either a Atlantis Mistress or an ECS Noserider. $500 extra for the Noserider. Is it worth the extra dollars?
Also big gap between the Mistress width, 28 to 32 which concerns me a bit. The Noserider is either 30 or 28.5.
32 is a big board while 28 is getting narrow. Any thoughts appreciated.
Thanks Greg

NSW, 37 posts
12 Nov 2018 7:33PM
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You get a paddle and cover with the Noserider. They are excellent boards and represent real value for money.

VIC, 69 posts
12 Nov 2018 10:21PM
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I can only vouch for the ECS Noserider. Had it for nearly a year . Great board , tough, light . Great all round board . Have fun.


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"atlantis mistress vs ecs noserider" started by Yamba4