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star surf + skate SPB board 11'x 28.5"

Created by kennybt > 9 months ago, 15 Nov 2010
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15 Nov 2010 4:33PM
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Beginner looking for a first board. Pretty sure I will use on the river early morning and would like to progress to surf eg at cott (saw a few out yesterday around 9:00am).

star surf + skate have their own brand at what would seem to be a very competitive price, seem to be WA made , dimensions 11' x 28.5" but havent been able to find info on volume.

Does anyone have any experience with these ? I have been out a couple of times on a 10.5 Drive and found it stable and fun (was thinking about that or 10.6 psh waa or a blend 11' 2).

Bit worried that the 28.5 will be a bit difficult for me. Would be nice to try out before hand obviously , I will enquire about that tomorrow.


P co
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15 Nov 2010 9:20PM
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Haven't looked at them for a while but would be very surprised if they were made locally. Most likely Chinese with Star logo's which doesn't in itself mean it will be all bad.


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"star surf + skate SPB board 11'x 28.5"" started by kennybt