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sunova website

Created by bomberdave A week ago, 24 Jun 2020
VIC, 248 posts
24 Jun 2020 4:43PM
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anyone else having trouble getting onto the sunova website ??? have been getting error message for two days now???

WA, 118 posts
24 Jun 2020 4:09PM
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I had the same yesterday too so it is not just you.

1982 posts
24 Jun 2020 4:41PM
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Yes, very unfortunate timing!

Sunova is busier than they have ever been!
then BAM...
some kind of glitch with a simple yearly renewal of internet paperwork.
The bureaucracy that approves some step of the renewa,l has dropped the ball and as with all bureaucracy, fast isn't something they do well.

The webstite and communication will be back up and running within a few days.

If you want, You can contact me, and I will do what I can to pass your questions forward or answer them....

ha ha... my glitch is:
in 15 minutes, I jump in my van and leave on a 5 day road trip.
Going to pick up some new Sunova's and meet up with some SUPsters in Virginia Beach for a few demo days.

I will check my emails at every convenience!


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"sunova website" started by bomberdave