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surfboards and cold temperatures

Created by SupCharlie > 9 months ago, 5 Dec 2012
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5 Dec 2012 6:57PM
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I don't know if this the correct forum to place this question but here it goes:

Does anyone know what could air or water can do to a surfboard/SUP?
In other words, can freezing temperatures harm your board?
Winter is starting over here in Europe and for the first time in years I really want to keep surfing during winter.
Also would there be a difference in reaction to the cold between a wooden or carbon board?


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6 Dec 2012 6:31AM
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Your gear will be fine. Been surfing in freezing temps for a few years now. Just worry about keeping yourself warm.

TAS, 833 posts
6 Dec 2012 2:46PM
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i get ice on my board if its on the car overnight in winter, can't see any harm, they do make ice boxes out of the same stuff.


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"surfboards and cold temperatures" started by SupCharlie