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waterman C4 9'2"...any info

Created by underdownunder A week ago, 14 Oct 2020
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14 Oct 2020 8:04PM
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just wondering if anyone has any input on this board I am keen to buy. I have been riding a 9'2" Evoke but it has little turning capacity. Very comfortable on the Evoke but looking to improve the skill set, gone as far as I can on the Evoke I reckon. Anyone tried the Waterman, or know anything helpful; it looks and prices right for me.

NSW, 45 posts
15 Oct 2020 11:20PM
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Which model C4 Waterman board are you considering ?

I have a ten-thirty 10 ft. Great all round board in the surf and flat water. I've had mine for over five years. It's well constructed and still in great condition.

WA, 63 posts
15 Oct 2020 8:53PM
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Had never heard of C4 before, just had a quick look. Some good looking boards there. Are they easy to get over here?
I personally went down to the 8'6 Evoke from the 9'2. Found that it improved my surfing heaps.

QLD, 1313 posts
Sunday , 18 Oct 2020 2:29PM
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Which model?


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"waterman C4 9'2"...any info" started by underdownunder