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10ft SUP Surfing (VIDEO)

Created by Slatz A week ago, 6 Jul 2019
NSW, 164 posts
6 Jul 2019 9:05AM
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Here are a few waves from the 10ft SUP surfing division from the NSW State Titles held up at One Mile Beach a few weeks ago.
Waves were a little small but that didn't stop James Casey who surfed with flow, style and speed and ended up winning the finals.

Great to watch and compete against these guys, I only made it through to the semi's but did get a few screamers early on (not on camera though )

Jeremy Corne took some epic photos of the comp too, you can check them out at

WA, 56 posts
6 Jul 2019 1:19PM
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Nice 10ft work, thanks for sharing

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6 Jul 2019 3:31PM
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Warning: rant ahead...

I dont really understand what is going on here. Why using a longboard to surf it feet glued in the same position and never move on the board? And in some cases even paddling instead of walking up/down the board to manage the speed?

I get the conditions did not really were longboard-friendly, and maybe the judging criteria were biased towards shortboard-style manoeuvers, but seeing this vid I just wonder why using a longboard SUP there as they would have had much more fun with small wave short SUPs, if it was just to try to thread roller/bottoms glued to the tailpad.

End of rant :-)

This said, the riders were quite talented, that's obvious.

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7 Jul 2019 1:06AM
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It does seem like using all 10 feet of the board should be part of the judging criteria.

NSW, 164 posts
7 Jul 2019 10:45AM
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Interesting conversation; one in which all the competitors discuss amongst ourselves and also have asked the judges & yes, scoring is based on longboard style; meaning nose rides and cross steps etc...

However nice cutbacks, flowing lines and close out reos are also scored very well

A few key points:

1 - These waves were only a handful of waves ridden throughout the comp, in fact I think this was only the final, and you can see Marty getting up on the nose and stepping up and down the board, and Harrison Kane was doing some really nice noserides throughout the comp which I either was not filming, competing myself or he fell so I didn't add the clip
2 - Yes the waves were gutless, with not much face on offer to really do anything,

So for me personally, if the choice was a gutless boggy noseride for a few seconds, or try complete a top turn and close out reo, I for one would choose the later. This is a comp and those moves were scoring is this a case of the judges not scoring properly?.....Maybe......but also longboarding has come a long way. I see in long board comps guys doing 360's, helicopters and even airs, so I guess you can stay a purest and just trim the face, or try to mix it up and add both classic longboarding moves like cross stepping and node rides, but also add some new flair.

I am interested to hear everyones opinions on this - So what does everyone reckon for longboarding SUP? Should a wave surfed really well, even if it is a very short wave with little prospects, but the rider did not do a cross step or nose ride or drop knee bottom turn (one of my favourite to watch) - should they still get a good score?

Or should progression be allowed to be scored equally?

VIC, 315 posts
7 Jul 2019 11:42AM
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Perhaps with the growing popularity of longboard SUP there should be a loggers/classic division in comps... eg. Single Fin only, 50/50 rails etc

I for one much prefer watching traditional moves on a longboard (whether SUP or prone). There is just so much more grace and style.

for eg. I could watch Kelia surf all day

Guys like Harley Ingleby and CJ Nelson rip also. Harley in a more modern way, CJ in a more traditional way.

But the video OP doesn't inspire me at all... Granted the conditions aren't suited very well though.

I've had a performance longboard SUP for a few years now and to be honest, now my feelings are that I should have a log style Sup for traditional LB surfing and then shortboard shapes for aggressive surfing.

For me, trying to mix the two doesn't produce the best of either.

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7 Jul 2019 1:15PM
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For me, longboarding is not a figure skating performance, trying to perform as many tricks as possible.

It is surfing the wave, finding the best trajectories, but instead of doing it by changing the direction of the board as with a shortboard, it is by moving a lot along the board to pilot it and adapt constantly its speed and trim to what the wave is doing, even if not changing the board direction. At the extreme, on a shortboard you turn the board but do not move your feet, on a longboard you move your feet but do not turn the board, but in both case you adapt to what the wave is doing.

In the video of Kaeila, what is impressive is the way she reads the wave and adapt to it, piloting the board by just moving fore and aft, not the number of 360s or seconds on the nose. It should be great to find judging criteria reflecting this.

NT, 266 posts
7 Jul 2019 3:15PM
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Good thread - cheers for posting Slatz
Was heartening to see the NSW state titles held in similar conditions to what I mostly get up here in Darwin during the Dry Season (April to October-ish).
Clearly the surfing was really good with some good moves in small conditions - but yeah, a lot of short board style hacks on longboards.
I wonder in comps like these, do we (should we) follow WSL longboard judging criteria? Note the WSL directly reference traditional longboarding (see below):

Article 70: Judging Criteria for Longboard
The Surfer must perform controlled manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave utilizing the entire board and wave using traditional longboard surfing.
The Surfer who performs this to the highest degree of difficulty with the most style, flow and grace will receive the highest score for a Ride.

Further to that above, the following are key elements for Judges to consider:
Nose riding and rail surfing
Critical section of wave
Speed and power
Foot work

NOTE: It's important to note that the emphasis of certain elements is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.
NOTE: The following scale may be used to describe a Ride that is scored: 0-1.9 = Poor; 2.0-4.9 = Fair; 5.0-6.4 = Good; 6.5-7.9 = Very Good; 8.0-10.0 = Excellent.

Anyway, still got me goin' and was great to see what's happening around the joint.
See ya's in the green room!

VIC, 1309 posts
Monday , 8 Jul 2019 8:23AM
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From a competitive perspective, the criteria of judging should be adhered to, and yes I agree it seems pointless to have a 10' division and then just go out there and try and rip those waves apart like you would on a smaller board. Style flow grace were some of the key points mentioned and this is exactly what I think of in
long boarding. While it's hard to make a critical judgment on this particular comp as the video is short it does seem to me some more styling could have been adopted.


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