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12'6 Race board as a down winder??

Created by JonathanC > 9 months ago, 2 Apr 2012
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2 Apr 2012 11:07AM
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Took out Wooz's 12'6 x 26.5" Starboard BOP for a down wind run.

pity the camera angle is so high...

you get to see DJ's high camera mount at the 30 second mark...

I found the BOP to be really good fun down winding but quite critical, the rocker seems more of a surfing rocker and you need to be prepared to move up and down the board to get the most out of it. Need to be forward to get onto the wave then move back to stop the nose going in too deep, saying that, hopefully you can see in the video how little affect it has on the speed of the board when it does pierce a little. If you move back too far too quickly it tends to bog down and stall, so there is a transition where you step back a little as soon as you are on the wave then if its big step back even further.
In the middle position, the board felt a little squirelly sometimes, not really unstable just some side to side directional instability but once getting further back all that goes and it surfs beautifully. I think a slightly bigger fin would help for downwinding. Think it had the Slater Trout FCS in, but I'm not sure. Also it was my first run and it always takes a little while to dial in a new board.
Some waves I found I had to let go, even though its light and fast it just has a little too much rocker to really accelerate over the crest of the wave and onto the next one, but of course its only 12'6.
Not really fair, it's not designed for down-winding but the light nimble feel it has makes it really fun, and when you are back it surfs beautifully, I'd love to take it out in some clean big waves.
This narrow version feels very small, in the carbon, so light, under 10kilo roughly 21lbs.

Very different feel to the Ace, the Ace boards just catch a ripple and stay on it, they aren't critical as to where you are standing but also not as much fun when you are on the wave. Much more suited to someone that tends to stand in one position, for those people the magic of the BOP would be lost when down-winding.

As a super light all-rounder you can flat water paddle, surf and downwind it is awesome.

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2 Apr 2012 2:00PM
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I took my WoW 12'6" BOP for the early down winder Sat morning.
Was great fun....the displacement hull is bit more technical than a planing hull.
Can't wait to di it again

VIC, 605 posts
2 Apr 2012 2:27PM
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Nice angles JC.

I've taken it out twice on a DW now and really enjoy the challenge of it, despite being twitchy!

A few of us are heading to The Farm in the morning to catch a few waves and then we'll switch to the 12'6" for some Bop training.


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