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2013 Oleron Island SUP Challenge RESULTS France

Created by petedorries > 9 months ago, 9 Jun 2013
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9 Jun 2013 6:51AM
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"2013 Oleron Island SUP Challenge RESULTS

Long Distance Race (Saturday)

1st: Kai Lenny
2nd: Connor Baxter
3rd: Beau O?Brian
4th: Eric Terrien
5th: Chase Kosterlitz
6th: Paul Jackson
7th: ?
8th: Jake Jensen

1st: Annabel Anderson
2nd: Angie Jackson
3rd: Marie Buchanan
4th: Olivia Piana
5th: Celine Guesdon
SATURDAY UPDATE: Kai Lenny has just WON the Distance Race ahead of Connor Baxter, with the highly under-rated Aussie Beau O?Brian taking third. Meanwhile Annabel Anderson claimed the women?s race with Angie Jackson in second.

Annabel?s performance was something else; she finished 6th overall, beating several big name guys, and was actually leading the race at the 2 mile mark?"

So does that mean she beat Jacko??? And when she was leading were they washriding her???

Ali Cat
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9 Jun 2013 8:00AM
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Sounds like Annabel may have beat Jacko and Jake, but will wait for the full results to confirm I guess. She's a machine and trains like nothing else, but to be that close to the front in a field of the worlds best men is insane!!!

Sounds like the 'long distance' race got shortened from 30km to a 6.5km 'sprint' due to terrible conditions. Will be interesting to see whether they turn the proposed sprint course tomorrow into a long distance race or just run another sprint?

Well done to Beau and Angie claiming podium spots!

Was travis not racing? I thought he was doing to whole Euro tour thing too?


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