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2016 Starboard Black Blade

Created by Goochi > 9 months ago, 3 Feb 2016
WA, 846 posts
3 Feb 2016 10:06AM
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The Starboard Black Blade - 2016 State Short Course Titles

The Black Blade was the first SUP Sprint race on a buoyed course in the world outside America. Competitors will race over 3 distance - 200m, 1000m and 5km.Great fun format, with all divisions contesting state championship medals.This year also includes a PaddleLoop division.

Paddlers wanting to cruise can enter the Paddleloop Package - a 200m fun run and a 4km PaddleLoop - around the island at Champion Lakes - both with projected times. You choose the time you think you will get - should be great fun with the 200m - no paddling backwards or stopping!

$1000 Board voucher on offer from Starboard and Stand Up Paddle Sports (Co-sponsor) - this will be a prize draw of all competitors entered. (terms apply)

Enter here :

Board : 14' (must use the same board for all 3 races)

Male Open Elite*
Male U/40
Male O/40
Male O/50

Female Open Elite
Female O/40

Junior (12'6-14')

You can only enter one division for the entire event.Entry fee is for all 3 races. Overall points for Flatwater Champion across 3 distances.

Registration & Briefing: 1300
Racing: 1330

* Open Elite Male will be determined from a 200m seeding race from all male entrants. Top 6 male times from the 200m will make up the Open Elite 200m final and the remaining male paddlers will be split back down into age categories. (the seeded Open Elite racers will stay in this category for the 1000m and 5km).

WA, 40 posts
4 Feb 2016 10:58AM
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With the junior races will they be doing the sprint races or the paddle loop 200m and 4km events?
There is a handful of kids from the Fremantle junior development squad that would be keen for this.

WA, 846 posts
4 Feb 2016 4:03PM
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HI Mocka

The Juniors will be part of the PaddleLoop Package (cheaper option!). If we can get the numbers up (over 3) we can make the 200m sprint a State Champ medal.

It would be great to see more juniors down this weekend. I am chatting with the venue admin about moving the time forward into the morning to combat the heat.



WA, 3134 posts
4 Feb 2016 4:33PM
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Yep sure looks like it is going to be hot, currently 40 degrees forecast....ouch.

WA, 846 posts
5 Feb 2016 11:34AM
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The start time has been moved forward to the morning to beat the heat (2-3pm tend to be the hottest part of the day). Due to venue scheduling 10am is the earliest we can get, which is great considering how busy the bookings are this time of year.

registration: 0915

racing: 1000

Get your entries in, they close at midday tomorrow - no entries taken on day - please enter online. Contact me if you have already entered and the new start time doesn't work - trying to do the best thing by everyone, optimal performance and comfort.




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