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Adelaide paddle boarding

Created by waterlover25 Two weeks ago, 6 Jan 2020
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6 Jan 2020 11:52AM
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Not sure if there has been a forum made already or not (I'm new to this site) but I've recently purchased a paddle board and wondering where people go in Adelaide and surrounding beaches/lakes? I've headed to west lakes a few times and semaphore beach but haven't really seen anyone around. Anyone know of any great spots for a beginner?
Thanks heaps

Scotty Mac
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7 Jan 2020 9:51AM
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There are many places to paddle, in summer the metro beach anywhere along the coast especially in the mornings is usually great or anytime of the day on the hot days. In an out the river mouth at port noarlunga if your down south is a popular spot. Surfing at "u turns" seaford when a westerly swell and easterly winds but watch the tides. Middleton for surfing in a northerly wind. The most consistant down wind run is from bower road semaphore to north haven in a seabreeze or Osullies to seacliff for the more advanced. West lakes is always fairly protected from wind for a flat water paddle and so is the Onc in a high tide. So many places and uncrowed water ways. Even the Port river near the birken head hotel is awesome and have a meal and a beer afterewards!


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