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Adjustable Kialoa paddles

Created by Foam 4 months ago, 9 Sep 2018
WA, 700 posts
9 Sep 2018 4:35PM
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What exactly does this mean

Thinking of putting a adjustable Handel in wife's paddle for more use but what exactly do Kialoa mean by this bellow

Choose the shortest length you want and the paddle will adjust 6" up from there.

What would be the shortest length you want.

NSW, 230 posts
10 Sep 2018 11:49AM
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Think about it as, the shortest length that the shortest person using the paddle would prefer....

If you wife prefers her paddle to be the same height as her (head height) then by using the adjustable section, it will go from that height to 6" taller than her.....


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"Adjustable Kialoa paddles" started by Foam