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Anyone every tired sup-surfing with a race paddle?

Created by benjl 24 days ago, 26 Feb 2019
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26 Feb 2019 9:50AM
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just curious.. My carbon surfing paddle used to be too big for my body size and then a deal came up for a starboard bolt in tiki-tech.
The way smaller head size gave me a new lease of life on sup-surfing and that's all i've used for the past 8 months.
Does flex a bit, but easy to get speed from a standstill without too much force turning the board and tracks well.

Wondering whether I would get any added performance in actual sup-surfing if I went to a similar size paddle but a 'sup-surf' style head?

I tried my old one a while back and it ruined my surf, was horrible

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26 Feb 2019 12:37PM
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Good question.

Be interesting to see the size blades the sup surfers use and there weight. I'm 95kg and thinking about trying a small blade. Possibly the fanatic carbon 80 6.75 inch

TAS, 476 posts
26 Feb 2019 4:02PM
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This thread from a while back is interesting, particularly Deano's comments if you scroll down a bit.

Not sure if this is still the current thinking, but it seems to make sense to me (and my old shoulders).


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"Anyone every tired sup-surfing with a race paddle?" started by benjl