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Aquatic social scene fin quads

Created by Nugdam 8 months ago, 20 Mar 2018
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20 Mar 2018 4:51PM
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Currently riding a 9'2 evoke carbon. When I washed the board down this arvo realised I have cracked a fin.

Been using it as a thruster for the last few years looking at trying the quad setup with the surfboard warehouse fins

Anyone running these fins? Whats your thoughts?

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20 Mar 2018 6:51PM
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I googled..the size is good ,7 front 4 rear ...I use 3 rears on the back when it get a bit of size ..
,I use creatures ..from surf&sail $119.
nice for flows .

NSW, 780 posts
21 Mar 2018 6:48AM
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Yes and have been very happy with them


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"Aquatic social scene fin quads" started by Nugdam