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At last, some glassy conditions! [video]

Created by colas Two weeks ago, 3 Oct 2021
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3 Oct 2021 2:25AM
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After a mediocre summer, at last some cool conditions!

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3 Oct 2021 2:53AM
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Glad you scored! great vid

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3 Oct 2021 5:18AM
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Great surfing colas .

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3 Oct 2021 6:27AM
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In the pocket and shredding! Good waves. Thanks for posting.


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3 Oct 2021 10:33AM
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That was great! Rippin'

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3 Oct 2021 2:44PM
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Super nice rippin going on. Perfect board for the wave. I have been hearing from friends, and have seen on the cams, some of the crazy crowded lineups up your way lately. But again you are finding some open spaces out there.

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3 Oct 2021 6:53PM
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Yes, most peaks are insanely crowded nowadays in Seignosse...

I just started very early on a peak (first one in the water), and moved to new ones that appeared nearby (thanks for the tides) as soon as we were more than 4 at the peak. I roamed along a km of coastline during the session.

The only problem is that it is difficult to find tubes. Hollow peaks that consistently tubed were crowded, and I was afraid of being dropped in or having a deer-in-the-headlight surfer in my trajectory on these. So I enjoyed the more open face waves that peaked less reliably. And let's be honest, at my age (and my technique level), injuries happen so easily and are so hard to heal that I do not seek dangerous situations (tubes, floaters) anyway.

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3 Oct 2021 9:02PM
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Colas! Wow - ripping man!!!
Those waves looked great too.

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4 Oct 2021 4:40AM
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nice waves. I really like how you are connecting your turns and keeping the board moving.


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"At last, some glassy conditions! [video]" started by colas