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Australian SUP life - 2020 Photo annual

Created by Mickie Williams 23 days ago, 31 Aug 2019
Mickie Williams
NSW, 20 posts
31 Aug 2019 1:28PM
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hi frothers.
I finally will the finances to pursue this goal next year...
That being the 2020 Australian SUP life photo annual.
coming from a bodyboarding background the riptide photo annual was the best and I want to do it for SUP

ive got a few concerns...that maybe you awesome pees could help me with.
the main one is not being able to pay photographers as I won't be making any money out of it, maybe a little but who knows.

who would want to see this?

Who would be happy to contribute photos?

I'm looking at dropping it in November 2020 giving everyone a solid chance to get photos submitted.

im looking at doing 500 copies.

anyways just planning so would be great to have some input.

also I started the Australian sup life blog early this year and just couldnt maintain it due to work etc.
would anyone be interested in being apart of the blog, interviews, stories etc.

let me know

mickie williams


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"Australian SUP life - 2020 Photo annual" started by Mickie Williams