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Australian SUP life blog 3.0 with Pete Cox - Now live

Created by Mickie Williams 1 month ago, 19 Jan 2020
Mickie Williams
NSW, 23 posts
19 Jan 2020 5:32PM
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First blog up on the new website with Pete Cox.

(if link doesn't work feel free to cut and paste link into your browser)

Thankyou to everyone had subscribed to the website so far! it means a lot!!!

Australian Sup Life is a blog, gallery with the goal to release a hardcover photo annual.

To submit your photos for the website and or the photo annual email -

3646 posts
19 Jan 2020 2:43PM
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The RSS feed is not properly configured on this blog, so it is not auto-detected by the RSS readers.

If you use one, you should enter manually its RSS feed URL:

VIC, 885 posts
19 Jan 2020 7:26PM
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Great read Mickie well done and keep em coming.


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"Australian SUP life blog 3.0 with Pete Cox - Now live" started by Mickie Williams