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Best spots to go paddling + access to tap for board washing

Created by sullilabs 1 month ago, 25 Jan 2021
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25 Jan 2021 4:25PM
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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone might be happy to share tips on some of the most practical water access to go paddle boarding in Sydney harbour. I'm fairly new to SUP'ing, have been going in Rose Bay but struggling with parking close to the bay which means a bit of a walk with the board.

Also not sure if anyone knows of spots where you can rinse your board and paddle before packing up. I live in an apartment so rinsing it at home is a bit tricky.

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26 Jan 2021 10:08PM
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I carry a large container of water and use a 12v camping shower. I mainly use it to rinse myself off after a surf but no reason you couldn't do the board with it.

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27 Jan 2021 12:01AM
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Use a small dust brush to sweep sand off the board. You can wipe the board and oaddle with a damp chamois cloth. That gets most of the salt off and everything is dry.

You'll need a grassy spot to pack your gear so it doesn't get sandy, or get creative about keeping it up out of the dirt. There's lots of ways. Balance on your knee/hip. Spread the bag on the ground. Towels and parts of your car. Whatever.


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"Best spots to go paddling + access to tap for board washing" started by sullilabs