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Black Project - Bargain.

Created by xurfxup 22 days ago, 18 Mar 2020
NSW, 133 posts
18 Mar 2020 12:40PM
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Black Project has a promotion running until 22 March.
25% off everything. Even sale stuff. Paddles - fins etc.
Use code keeppaddling

I'm getting a new travel paddle.

Great paddles and customer service.
Contact Chris Freeman - the owner and designer if you need any advice on what to get.
He generally responds quickly and knows his craft.

P.S I'm not affiliated with BP.
Just a happy customer.

QLD, 37 posts
18 Mar 2020 7:02PM
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Thanks and it sounds great but unfortunately our Aussie dollar has dropped 15 percent in the last few weeks so realistically you are only saving about 10 percent, which is better than nothing

7 posts
20 Mar 2020 11:01AM
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the Aussie dollar is sinking faster than the titanic


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"Black Project - Bargain." started by xurfxup