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Created by maxmoore 2 months ago, 9 May 2021
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9 May 2021 11:27PM
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After some advice and opinions! Got a distance race coming up 30km. Most of the race is flatwater however the last 10k or so gets high amount of boat traffic and the river is narrow so lots of wake.??

What i cant decide is which of the 2 boards i own i should use. I have a 2019 maliko 14 x 24 which i am really comfortable on in all but terrible conditions , trouble is it gives me a speed penalty of about 10-15 seconds pkm on flatwater compared to my other board One Edge Pro 14x23.5. Love the Edge on the flats and fine in small chop but not so much in side chop , just not used it enough in more open water to really be confident in confused water or bad boat wake , board can be rolly and as i am in uk i havent practised enough in bad conditions this winter. Race is in a couple of weeks. Do people think i should play it safe with the maliko this time or roll the dice with the edge pro and try relax and be confident when the boat traffic gets bad ?


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"Board Selection" started by maxmoore