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Board freight

Created by Hooksey A week ago, 22 Jun 2020
WA, 522 posts
22 Jun 2020 1:13PM
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Need to ship a board from Merimbula to Perth.

What transport company is everyone using these days?

VIC, 248 posts
22 Jun 2020 4:22PM
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kayak courier
used many times and great to deal with

WA, 33 posts
22 Jun 2020 7:08PM
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Try TOLL Transport....I have used them and the price is right...just pack the board well in bubble wrap and then in a cover...great service I found.

NSW, 16 posts
22 Jun 2020 10:45PM
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Richard the Kayak courier this guy knows how to move anything that floats , easy as to deal with , moved SUP from NSW to WA without any probs


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