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Created by mghenta > 9 months ago, 1 Apr 2012
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1 Apr 2012 5:54PM
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Hi guys, I live in st kilda and am looking to buy a SUP for use in port phillip bay. I weigh about 85 kgs. I am a begginer and Looking for a board that I can grow into and is a good all rounder for both flat water and surf.


VIC, 11 posts
3 Apr 2012 12:53PM
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Hi Mike,

I'm a bit of a newbie as well, but I've bought myself a Starboard 10'5 Drive. It's 30'' wide so it's fairly stable for the bay on a calm day. Initially it was a bit tippy when it got a little bit choppy, but now doing OK on it.

You could also look at the Naish 10"10 Nalu. It's slightly longer and wider and has more volume which would make it OK for a first timer.

VIC, 1289 posts
3 Apr 2012 1:40PM
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I wouldn't muck around getting "surf" style board for the Bay, just a 12'6 or 14ft for flat water and d/w, with these size boards you will grow into, not out of, much more room to improve fitness and be ready for distance paddling, then if you go down the coast get the surf sup

NSW, 533 posts
3 Apr 2012 1:47PM
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Hey Mike
I reckon for the bay you've gotta get youself a race or touring board.
You will see guys blasting past on them and you will want to be a part of it!
I got myself one of these a little while back.....I'm a similar weight to you.
Couldn't be happier with it!!
Charges on flat water.
Did a down wind run on Saturday and it went unreal.
Surfed it this morning in beautiful 2-3' offshore waves down in much fun I couldn't wipe the smile off my face....and I had a 9'0" & 8'8" surfing SUP in the car that didn't get riden.
It's great fun throwing these big boards around on a wave.
Check out the image near the end of the thread I've given you the link to...its 30" wide and very stable.....great first board....IMHO.
RPS in Elwood should have these in stock very soon.
Get into it....great fun and a great way to keep fit!!
It's also not a bad idea to demo a few different boards to get a bit of a feel for what you might want.

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3 Apr 2012 12:41PM
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Hi Mike,

Something like the Fanatic Fly 10'6" might be a good choice too. Great glider, bullet proof durability and nice to surf with. And as Deano said try before you buy to see what best suits you.


NSW, 76 posts
4 Apr 2012 2:33PM
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What about a Coreban cruiser at 11'6 or an Icon at 10'

VIC, 5000 posts
4 Apr 2012 2:46PM
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I've got a Naish Nalu 11'6" - great board for flatwater & small wave cruising.

VIC, 3 posts
5 Apr 2012 8:13AM
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Thank you guys, much appreciated. I will demo a few from RPS. Hope to see you out there real soon. Will probably get a fast glider for the bay as you all recommended Mike

QLD, 1372 posts
5 Apr 2012 10:41AM
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Go a 12'6 as it will be great for your bay and will pick up runners better then a 11'6 etc.

You can still surf them as well. Lot of fun.


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