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Brisbane for sup surfing ?

Created by London 4 months ago, 13 Sep 2017
SA, 28 posts
13 Sep 2017 5:50PM
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I may be moving to Brisbane in 2018 for work. Offices are near Airport, Bulwa

If I want to go sup surfing on weekends is it best to go north ? Ie where should I live to make the best of it ? Further North ? Close to freeway ?


Any chance of getting a small wave for sup on weekends at something like Redcliffe ?

QLD, 123 posts
13 Sep 2017 7:32PM
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Nope for Redcliffe waves. Caloundra or further north is your best bet. Or learn to kite, flat water sup, or downwinders - all possible on Moreton bay.

QLD, 83 posts
14 Sep 2017 12:04PM
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I live on Brisbane's Bayside in Manly, the trip north can become a nightmare the Bruce hwy is generally horrendous, I head south to the Gold Coast, depending on wind direction if you hit a northern end beachie you could find a few uncrowded banks, trip is usually around 70kms about an hour, if you head further south to say Kirra its about 100kms and and extra 30min.

QLD, 2213 posts
14 Sep 2017 1:53PM
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Nothing up north LONDON, best go south.



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