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Broken Paddle

Created by BBL42 > 9 months ago, 2 Jan 2015
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2 Jan 2015 3:15PM
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Today I unfortunately broke my carbon fibre paddle while surfing. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase a section of carbon tube that fits inside the normal paddle shaft and a clamp so that I can make an adjustable paddle from the salvageable bits . Any help would be much appreciated.

QLD, 5379 posts
2 Jan 2015 5:32PM
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Here you go old video of mine but it works

VIC, 612 posts
3 Jan 2015 9:32AM
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Try CST in Botany.

They may be able to help.

WA, 230 posts
2 Jan 2016 1:15PM
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two that i found from another thread on Seabreeze... looking for some myself though these all seem to be not quite right for my snapped naish paddle (which has 25mm outside diameter and a wall thickness of only 0.75mm or so.

at about $53 per m (and I need two) its almost not worth doing... for a paddle that will be a bit heavy (if i go for thicker tube).


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"Broken Paddle" started by BBL42