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Burleigh Heads QLD SUP hire for surf

Created by Gboots 7 months ago, 6 Jul 2018
NSW, 594 posts
6 Jul 2018 1:37PM
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I will be Burleigh Heads for just under a week for a "family holiday " and would like to hire a SUP for surfing in small waves for one or two sessions if conditions are appropriate on a given day (i.e 2 foot or less) and I get to escape.
I have tried googling for places and found a few. Some don't hire out for Surf only flat water. Won't have any racks so board will have to fit in back of an SUV or be walking distance from shop to beach .
Any tips preferably in Burleigh or Miami vicinity
Thanks in advance

QLD, 122 posts
6 Jul 2018 3:58PM
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Try Salty Culture
they are at West Burleigh may be able to help

VIC, 699 posts
6 Jul 2018 9:35PM
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I was at Burleigh in Feb, just hired a soft top surfboard at Rip Curl, good fella runs that shop.

Not perfect, but hey, at least it gets you out there looking around at what all the fuss is about !

And I snagged a couple !


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"Burleigh Heads QLD SUP hire for surf" started by Gboots