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DW dramas in the US.

Created by DavidJohn > 9 months ago, 14 Mar 2018
QLD, 2030 posts
14 Mar 2018 8:28PM
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How many states do they have?
are they all Police states......

189 posts
15 Mar 2018 7:29AM
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this one appears to be a Nanny State

QLD, 5336 posts
15 Mar 2018 12:58PM
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40 to 60 mph winds , I suppose there has to be limit maybe 35 ? Not backing the cops but there is no self rescue on a Sup in 60 mph winds.

VIC, 1275 posts
15 Mar 2018 5:00PM
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It's a river not an Ocean for crying out loud, how bad can it get. No different than having a failure on a windsurfer or kite imo.

NSW, 306 posts
15 Mar 2018 6:36PM
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Just shows common sense died long ago.
So now I suppose everyone gets fined for anything that is potentially dangerous. What next? So does one have to call the authorities when the surf is pumping? Mountain bike riding on a new track? Hang gliding? Base jumping? Give me a break.
Even if those downwinders did inform the authorities that they were going for a DW paddle. They probably would have been informed of a fine if they did go.
Like all government nowadays. Money comes first. After the fines. Who cares!
What should have happened in this case? The cops should have just asked if they were OK & confident with safety gear & let them go on.
If the unfortunate would have happened. Then fine them if they didn't have or didn't use the correct safety gear.
If a life is lost. So be it. That's life.
And if anyone says otherwise. Then maybe we should stop driving cars, walking the streets, or eating junk food. Lol! I rest my case. Lol!


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"DW dramas in the US." started by DavidJohn