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Deep Dryft SUP

Created by MTBman 3 months ago, 4 Aug 2018
VIC, 2 posts
4 Aug 2018 8:43AM
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Hi. I am looking at buying a 2018 Deep Dryft 14' x 26" or should I wait until the 2019 model comes out.
Live in Melbourne so will be using it in Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsular.
Having trouble deciding. Any info would be welcome.


NT, 130 posts
4 Aug 2018 9:43PM
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How's it going MTB.
Mate I don't know anything about the Deep Dryft - other than they look pretty sick and I reckon they'd go like the clappers.
I've also been toying with the idea of getting into some fast / downwinding and been looking at Sunovas coz they're beasts but definitely keen to hear what folk have got to say about Deep too.
Theres a few Fanatic Falcons for sale at the mo' - are these any good?
what about the Mailkos (Javelins) from Naish?
Im sure all of the above would have you up and motoring no worries - probably comes down to budget as much as anything.
Keen to hear what you end up getting and how it goes.


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"Deep Dryft SUP" started by MTBman