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Delam success or not ?

Created by Frothn 23 days ago, 22 Jun 2019
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22 Jun 2019 8:54AM
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So have had a small delam on my surf sup since I bought it now noticed a crack near the handle so time to do something about it. When you have fixed or had your delamas on the deck repaired how have they held up ?? Did they work and stay stuck down after use ?? Cheers

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22 Jun 2019 11:19AM
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Properly done repairs are stronger than the original material, especially if you reinforce the underlying foam blank by injecting resin+microspheres (but beware the exothermia) or gorilla glue.

"crack near the handle so time to do something about it" beware, the board can gobble kilos of water this way, and each minute the water stays in the board, the harder it will be to dry it, unless the handle is full encased in a waterproof foam inset such as PVC.

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22 Jun 2019 5:42PM
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Yes always inject in the evening and not into the core.Glad wrap over the holes then clamp or weigh down with bricks. Extra strength glass over with 4oz.


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"Delam success or not ?" started by Frothn