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Derek Ho dies

Created by rockmagnet Two weeks ago, 19 Jul 2020
NT, 413 posts
19 Jul 2020 5:47PM
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No way! Massive loss.
Derek was definitely one of the all time greats.
Pipe legend.

2008 posts
19 Jul 2020 4:30PM
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Aloha Derek.
Too young, very sad news... condolences to his family, friends and international surf family.

VIC, 1429 posts
20 Jul 2020 8:55AM
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Too young for anyone to go, a good reminder for those that are left to get out there and enjoy life and the ones we love. RIP Derek

3603 posts
20 Jul 2020 8:22AM
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I grew up watching those guys .buttons another lost great .same age as me ..sad lose ....r.i.p.surfdude.Ho ....aloha nui .


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"Derek Ho dies" started by rockmagnet